Antelope Canyon and Other Northern Arizona Adventures

My girlfriends and I were in the mood for adventure, and so last summer we planned a spontaneous trip to explore Northern Arizona and its vast beauty. Courtney, Chelsea and I took off after work one Friday and drove up to Flagstaff where Courtney’s grandmother has a cabin. We pulled into the gravel driveway just after dark and rolled down our windows. Flagstaff has a memorable smell, it’s a mix of pine needles, wet earth and clean air.

Shot From the Road on Our Way

We woke up bright and early and drove the two hours to Antelope Canyon. No road trip in Northern Arizona would be complete without a stop at Wicked Coffee though, so we first got our fix and then were on our way.


Antelope Canyon is on a Navajo reservation just east of Page, Arizona. I have no statistics to support this, but I think after the Grand Canyon Antelope Canyon must be in the running for most photographed place in Arizona. And for good reason!

The Entrance to Antelope Canyon

The canyon is on Navajo land; you need to purchase a parking permit and tour to go through the slot canyon. There are two different portions of the canyon accessible to the public, upper and lower. We toured Lower Antelope Canyon.

The View of the Canyon From Above



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