Memorial Weekend in San Diego

Do you ever just get this overwhelming feeling that you need to see the beach? That you need to hear the waves and bury your toes in the sand? Well I do. I’ve been feeling some beach lust for a few weeks and decided to take a trip to San Diego for Memorial Weekend.

Justin and I rented a beach condo on Airbnb that was right in between the bay and the ocean. Perfect location for visiting both Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. Our first morning there we walked along the bay to this cute breakfast and bakery, Olive Cafe. They have great food if you are staying in the area for pretty reasonable costs. We took our coffees to go and sat on the beach. Finally, I was there!


Justin Exploring Under Crystal Pier

Our first day we explored the area, walking along the beach all the way to Crystal Pier. Crystal Pier has a lot of memories for me as my family used to stay there when my brother and I were kids for summer holidays. It’s an adorable, east coast vibe place with little beach cottages that sit on a long pier right over the ocean. We went in a few shops, and enjoyed our leisurely walk before heading to Pacific Beach AleHouse for  a beer. They have an awesome, second story patio that overlooks the ocean. A must try for microbrew fans!

The rest of the day was spent exploring the beach, playing beach games like frisbee and paddle ball, and taking a cat nap.

IMG_8098 (1)

We started day two with another walk alongside the bay to Olive Cafe, such a relaxing way to start the day. We went to Belmont Park, the amusement park on Mission Beach. I have seen their rollercoaster, the Giant Dipper, countless times and have always wanted to ride it. This was my time! Justin isn’t a huge coaster fan but I convinced him to come too. We had a blast! It’s a historic coaster and a little rickety but gives you that great adrenaline rush.



We hung out at Belmont Park and played a few more arcade games and I got a henna tattoo, something I’ve always loved to do.


Everywhere along Mission Beach are bike rental places and Justin and I decided to rent a bike and ride along the coast to La Jolla. It’s about a five mile bike ride along some beautiful scenery. We ended up eating at Cody’s La Jolla, adorable! They had great views plus awesome food.

IMG_8049 (2)


We rode down to the coast after lunch and got a real treat. We stumbled across the well known La Jolla Cove and Seal Rock. There were dozens of seals swimming and tanning, such a cool site.




We rode back after enjoying the view (and a few wrong turns!). On our way back to returning the bikes we ran into some friends, it’s amazing how small the world is. We ended up showering and heading out to meet them for drinks that night. We went to Backyard which is right on Garnet Ave. Before meeting them for drinks though we went to the grocery store and Justin cooked me a lobster dinner! Delicious.



Sadly our trip had come to an end on day three. We woke up and enjoyed our now morning ritual of walking along the bay to Olive Cafe and getting coffee and then slowly walking back along the oceanside. We dug our feet into the sand one last time for this visit before saying goodbye.

Loved this fun chair at our Airbnb

Both Justin and I love the water. It’s funny because every time we visit someplace with a body of water (lake, ocean, or river) we both start to envision ourselves living there. Do you ever do that? While on vacation see a condo for rent and think, I wonder how much?



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