Camera Phone Snaps

When on the road, your camera isn’t always in a convenient spot to take a photo. Sometimes the most beautiful moments happen unexpectedly. It’s hard to pass up an opportunity for a great capture and camera phones can be a way to still get the photo.

Relatively recently camera phones took poor, grainy images. With the most recent generation of phones, however, they have evolved into beautiful photo makers. Have you seen Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign? Wow!

I too have taken some of my favorites photos with my iPhone.

Shot on my Camera Phone – The Wave Cave in Superstition Mountains, AZ

As a lover of photography its easy to get caught up in getting the best shot. You don’t want to miss the moment though carrying around all your equipment, worrying about what lens to use, what setting, etc. Traveling is about experience and sometimes leaving your camera at home is essential to truly embracing the moment. I’ve seen too many people wrapped up in photographing something that they miss the essence of the experience their recording. If you bring your phone with you can still get some great photos without sacrificing your ability to enjoy the experience.


Sometimes its nice to embrace the “point and shoot”.


Shot on my Camera Phone in Rocky Point, Mexico




Camera phones are wonderful because they let you capture moments you might otherwise miss while also letting you leave your baggage at home and go out eyes wide open. I encourage you, always use your camera as a way to enhance your adventure; never let it filter your experience.



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