Golden Coast

I was fortunate recently to travel along the Oregon Coast by way of Gold Beach. It was cold, wet, overcast, and wonderfully beautiful.


We started off early in the morning and drove up the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway south past the Oregon state line to Crescent City, California. We stopped in at an amazing diner called the Chart Room and had crab sandwiches and clam chowder, followed by homemade apple pie and ice cream. We chanced into this place but were delighted! I hope to get back there again.


After lunch we drove north to Gold Beach, Oregon. We stopped at a scenic pullout and huddled together. It was rainy and incredibly windy, but that all set the mood for us to appreciate the immensity of nature and this beach.

We continued up the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway  mesmerized at the beauty and scenery around us. One of my favorite moments from that day was driving up to a cloud as we watched it move and glide over the mountain in front of us.



I really enjoyed the Oregon coast. For me the beach has such connotations of swimsuits and warm, sunny days that it was transforming to enjoy it in this overcast, rainy capacity.

Have you had the chance to drive along the Oregon coast? Were you as enchanted with the dampness and darkness of it all like I was?


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